Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

What Americans ask about Germany

Are you wearing Lederhosen all the time?

No, we wear normal clothes. Lederhosen are just a tradition in Bavaria and guys often wear them to the annual Oktoberfest in Munich.

When are you allowed to drink beer?

We are allowed to drink beer when we are 16. And no, we are not drinking beer all the time. 

When are you allowed to drive a car?

We can get our permit with 17. Then we have to drive with our parents riding shotgun until we are 18.

What language are you speaking in Germany? Is English the official language spoken in Germany?

We are speaking German. Almost everybody in Germany is able to speak English because it is required in school but it is not an official language. Germans often speak French and Spanish, too.

Do you have McDonalds in Germany?

Yes, we have fast food restaurants like McDonalds in Germany.

Do you have busses and cell phones in Germany?

Yes, and we even have electricity ;) .
Germany has more public transportation than the USA and we have the newest technology, too.

What is school like in Germany?

The German school system is really different. The minimum of years you have to go to school is 9 years and the maximum is 12-13 years. Children go to the kindergarten when they are 3 years old and to primary school when they are 6 years old. We don't have preschools in Germany. After 4th grade you switch to high school. Normally you get evaluated by your grades and behavior in primary school and then it get decided whether you go to an honors, academic or standard school. When you are really good in school you move on to a "Gymnasium" (12-13 years. No, its not a gym...). There you can get the highest diploma and can go to university/ college afterwards. If you are ok in school you go to a "Realschule" (10 years) and normally start a apprenticeship. If you are not good in school you go to a "Hauptschule" (9 years) and after graduating you can also start a job or an apprenticeship.

School in Germany normally starts at 7:25 and end at 12:30, but there are also days on which you may have school in the afternoon. In my school (Gymnasium/ Honors) I have school till 3:15 PM on Mondays and till 5 PM on Wednesdays. 
Except for the grades 11 and 12 you cannot choose your classes yourself. You stay with the people that are in your homeroom (about 20-30) in all your classes. The teachers switch the rooms, not the students. We are allowed to carry around backpacks and therefore we don't need lockers. Schools in Germany don't have security like a police officer in school or locked doors. You don't have the same classes everyday and a normal class in my school is 90 min long.

My Schedule in Germany:

Monday: French, Spanish, German, English/ Earth Science
Tuesday: Math, Religion, Physics
Wednesday: Biology, German, Chemistry, Gym class, Social Studies
Thursday: History, French, Art / Music
Friday: English, Math, Spanish

Are there sports in German schools?

No, there are no competitive sports in our schools. If we want to do a sport we go to a club, e.g a soccer club.

Do you have snow in winter?

Yes, Maine and Germany are on the same degree of latitude and our weather is really similar.

Do you have the same TV shows? Do you have American TV shows?

Yes, but they are synchronized in German.

I hope I was able to at least answer some of the frequently asked questions about Germany.


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  1. hey, interessanter post. Cool zu wissen, was die americaner so fragen, aber bei der frage mit dem schulsystem stimmt nicht alles.